Getting to Sustainable Cybersecurity with DevSecOps

Interview with Deepayan Chanda, Cybersecurity Architect and co-author of Penetration Testing with Kali Linux.

From the Inside Out: Layered Security in the SDLC

Deb Radcliff interviews Christian Simko, Director of Product Marketing at GrammaTech


Defense-in-depth is critical to...

Coding for Regulated Energy Systems

North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s supply chain regulations could cost millions for those out of compliance. ...

Copy and Pasting Code? You Could be Spreading Vulnerabilities

Interview with Paul Anderson, VP of Engineering at GrammaTech

Threat Modeling for the Future

Video Interview with threat modeling expert, Adam Shostack

Critically Vulnerable Open Source Code Found in COTS Apps

Video interview with Michael Sampson

Loose Permissions in AWS Settings Cause Cloud Leakage

Interview at Black Hat USA with Shir Tami and Ami Luttwak from

The President Directs, NIST Shows Us How

Interview with Barbara Guttman, manager of the Software Quality Group at NIST, which is publishing new guidelines to support...

Auditing Software Artifacts | Video interview with Robert Seacord

Video interview with Robert Seacord, technical director in the assurance division at NCC Group and author of “Effective C” From...

Deb Radcliff

Deb Radcliff

Shift Left Academy Editor

Deb Radcliff is a well known author, speaker and thought leader in the cybersecurity industry with 25+ years experience. She has worked with the FBI, DoD, Secret Service, CIA, local and state law enforcement as they were building their own cyber units. Her articles are cited in numerous research papers and college textbooks. She spoke at West Point, won two Neal Awards, and was runner up for a third. Radcliff recently published her first cyber thriller, “Breaking Backbones: Information is Power,” available at Amazon and all major book outlets.

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