Builders and Breakers

Deb Radcliff interviews Casey Ellis, CTO and founder of BugCrowd, and Tracy Bannon Senior Principal/ Software Architect &...

Shift Left on APIs

Featuring Matt Tesauro, Noname Security's DevOps Distinguished Engineer, and project lead     for OWASP Appsec Pipeline...

SBOMs Go Prime Time at RSAC 2022


“What do you mean you don’t know what’s in your software?” -- Allan Friedman, senior advisor and strategist at CISA. 

DevSecOps is Big at RSA Conference This Year (2022)

The RSA Security Conference this week seems more focused toward developers than any RSA conference past. And it couldn’t happen...

Women Helping Women in DevSecOps

Interview with Dr. Ikjot Saini, Co-Director at SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence @ the University of Windsor...

SDLC for Automotive Software Security

Interview with Dr. Ikjot Saini, co-director at SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and assistant professor at...

DevSecOps Training with Intention

Interview with Tracy Bannon, Senior Principal/DevOps Architect at MITRE

Automotive Applications and SBOMs

A discussion with Hitachi America R&D cybersecurity research director and SBOM program director at the Automobile ISAC

To the Moon and Beyond: DevSecOps for Space Applications

Interview with Dr. Guillaume Brat, lead for Robust Software Engineering at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon...

Danger in the Skies: Software Driving Our Flights Interview with Aviation and Cybersecurity Expert, Barbara Filkins

Embedded software is increasingly responsible for plane safety in the air and on the landing strip. But as we’ve learned from...

Deb Radcliff

Deb Radcliff

Shift Left Academy Editor

Deb Radcliff is a well known author, speaker and thought leader in the cybersecurity industry with 25+ years experience. She has worked with the FBI, DoD, Secret Service, CIA, local and state law enforcement as they were building their own cyber units. Her articles are cited in numerous research papers and college textbooks. She spoke at West Point, won two Neal Awards, and was runner up for a third. Radcliff recently published her first cyber thriller, “Breaking Backbones: Information is Power,” available at Amazon and all major book outlets.

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