Shifting Left for Energy Security

Interview with Ginny Wright, Program Director at Idaho National Lab, and Marc Sachs, former White House Advisor and Deputy...

Making SBOMs Useful

Interview with Tom Alrich, well-known SBOM and supply chain security consultant.

Securing Software for Healthy, Energy-Efficient Smart Buildings

Jason Christman, Vice President and CPSO of Johnson Controls, Inc., talks about the value of shifting left in design and...

Software Factories and Bills of Materials

Other manufacturing factories require bills of materials, so too, do software development factories, says Michel Genard, Board...

DevSecOps Top of Mind in Aerospace and Defense Industries

A recent survey released by Lynx Software Technologies reveals widespread adoption of DevSecOps practices across the ...

Hacking Embedded Devices

Interview with Ted Harrington, author of “Hackable, How to do Application Security Right,” and Executive partner at Independent...

From APIs and Automobiles: Hacker-Turned-Producer Alissa V. Knight


Interview with Alissa Valentina Knight, an American author, film director and producer, whose cinematography is influenced by...

SBOM Generation is Maturing. Now for the Hard Part

Interview with Walter Haydock, Founder and CEO of software supply chain evaluation platform vendor,

2022 DevSecOps in Review

As 2022 comes to an end, Deb Radcliff highlights some of the trends we covered in Shift Left Academy and how those trends may...

Deb Radcliff

Deb Radcliff

Shift Left Academy Editor

Deb Radcliff is a well known author, speaker and thought leader in the cybersecurity industry with 25+ years experience. She has worked with the FBI, DoD, Secret Service, CIA, local and state law enforcement as they were building their own cyber units. Her articles are cited in numerous research papers and college textbooks. She spoke at West Point, won two Neal Awards, and was runner up for a third. Radcliff recently published her first cyber thriller, “Breaking Backbones: Information is Power,” available at Amazon and all major book outlets.

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